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Consulting and development services for mechatronics devices.


Study and development of electronic devices.

Miniaturization, industrialization and manufacturing solutions.

Product verification (functionalities, reliability, essential requirements).

Product documentation (design and production dossier).

Support in certification for industrial and medical devices.


Applicable market

Medical, Transport, Security.



Project management

  • Project analysis.
  • Specifications of project tasks.
  • Setup and management of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Project management according to applicable standards.
  • Implementation of methodology.



Product study

  • Feasibility study.
  • Functionnal analysis.
  • Requirements.
  • Product and process reliabilty.
  • Prototyping solutions.




Industrialization solution

  • Evaluation and production solutions.
  • Definition of manufacturing processes.
  •  Failure mode and effect analysis and optimization of production.
  • Study of product reliabilty according to product life.




  • Digital : (ASIC, FPGA,  micro-controler).
  • Analog : Architecture, design, tests .
  • Signal processing.
  • Architecture and integration of sensitive systems.
  • Study of assembly processes (soldering, adhesive, tightness, etc.).





  • Specification, architecture, development.
  • Embedded software and user interface.
  • Integration and verification.


  • Project and Product quality plan.
  • Support to product and process qualification.
  • Solution for high reliabilty.




  • Product environment .
  • Design and 2D / 3D  modelization .
  • Simulation and optimization  (thermal, optical, ).
  • Material study and selection (plastics, composites, ceramic, alloys etc.).
  • Evaluation of manufacturing processes  (soldering, adhesive, tightness, etc.).

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  • Adress: 8, rue de la Grande Oie 25300 Houtaud
  • Phone: +33 6 03 37 56 40
  • Contact: Hervé Delabre
  • Email: hdelabre@aomsys.fr